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This striking green wall in The Eaton hotel lobby is just one small part of its sustanaibility efforts (Image courtesy of The Eaton)

Turning Green into Gold in the Heart of Kowloon Business District: The Eaton Hongkong

Nestled in a busy business district of Kowloon peninsula and conveniently located on Nathan Road, Eaton, Hong Kong is a four stars hotel owned and managed by Langham Hotels International….

Jason Pomeroy of Founder of Pomeroy Studio, Eco-architect, Urban Planner, Academic

Q and A with Jason Pomeroy (Eco-architect, Urban Planner and City Time Traveller host)

The biggest challenge for the industry when it comes to sustainable design is being able to understand that it’s not what a sustainable building costs, but actually what it saves….

Image credit: www.phaidon.com

The World We Made: Dangling the Carrot of Future Sustainable Planet

  The world in 2050, if Sir Jonathon Porritt could have it his way would be genuinely sustainable instead of in a state of decaying beyond repair. Porritt offered an…

Iconic Bangkok Siam Paragon's green wall by Patrick Blanc. (image credit: D.Tunas)

Greening Upright: Greening Our Homes and Cities Vertically

With the raised awareness of sustainability in building practices, vertical gardens gain a new currency. The vertical gardens are not only considered as aesthetically pleasing element but they can also increase a project’s green credibility

World largest bronze image of Buddha in Todai-ji Temple, Nara (image credit: D.Tunas)

Can large wooden buildings only be built (ethically) in ancient time?

On a recent summer trip to Japan, me and my family visited the city of Nara. Located near Kyoto, Nara is one of several cities in Japan that boasts UNESCO…


Building With Shipping Containers In The Tropics (Part 2)

In order  to provide another perspective to the already heated discussion about the ‘greenness’ of ISBU construction, let us now place it in the warm and humid climate of tropical…


Building With Shipping Containers In the Tropics (Part 1)

  by  jdnx    Shipping containers have been gaining popularity as building materials all around the world. They have been used to build temporary structure and also permanent structure. Generally speaking there…


The Pros and Cons of Cargo Container Architecture

See on Scoop.it – Green ideas and Sustainable Building Practices With the green premise growing in popularity across the globe, more and more people are turning to cargo container structures…

Rammed Earth Wall

Rammed Earth Homes in the Tropics

Beautiful, comfortable, durable and sophisticated are some of the words that can be used to describe a well built rammed earth house. Millions of people have enjoyed the benefits of…

A composite of bamboo and ferro-cement done by local craftmen create a lighter roofing structure

A green house of harmony and balance in the heart of Ubud, Bali

Inspired by traditional Balinese philosophy of life called the Tri Hita Karana that is about keeping harmony and balance between human to God, human-to-human and human to environment,  Michael Huffman built his…


Bamboo: A poor man’s timber no more

In the aftermath of Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006, there was a tremendous hike in demand for bamboo triggered by the hasten city reconstruction process, A huge quantity of bamboo was needed…

Lively semi outdoor fountain area in the evening

Shopping Malls as Town Squares in the Tropics: How Sustainable Are They?

Last week I spent a few hours on a one fine day guiding a group of enthusiastic geography majored undergraduate students from UVA (University of Amsterdam) accompanied by a group…