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The dining area by the pool where guests can taste the daily harvest prepared a la minute (image credit: Greenhost Hotel)

Sleeping on an Urban Farm: Waking Up to Rows of Greens in Jogjakarta

The last few years has seen growing interest in urban farming especially in big cities in many parts of the world. The increasing awareness on the importance of self-reliance in…

Solar lamp with recycled mineral water bottle component (image credit: Azzura Solar)

Q and A with Hemant Chanrai (Founder of Azzura Solar and Bright Future Program)

Do you know that 66 million Indonesians live without basic access to electricity? Such condition severely impacting their life. Children are unable to read, write and study after the sun goes…

Different kind of bamboo

Bamboo Flooring: The Good and The Bad

The use of bamboo flooring is fast becoming one of the most preferred flooring materials used by floor users worldwide. This is because bamboo floors have a unique flavor of…

Iconic Bangkok Siam Paragon's green wall by Patrick Blanc. (image credit: D.Tunas)

Greening Upright: Greening Our Homes and Cities Vertically

With the raised awareness of sustainability in building practices, vertical gardens gain a new currency. The vertical gardens are not only considered as aesthetically pleasing element but they can also increase a project’s green credibility

The bikes at one bike sharing terminal (image credit: Bugar)

Bandung’s Bike Sharing: One Year On

In June 2012 Mr. Dada Rosada, the mayor of Bandung officiated a bike sharing program called Bike.Bdg. The bike sharing program is not only the first in Bandung, but also…

Khoo Teck Puat hospital with its roof garden. The hospital is one of the developments awarded with LEAF (image credit:D.Tunas)

Intensifying Singapore’s Green with LEAF

The impact of built environment has been long associated with detrimental effects on micro climate. Urban heat island effect to name among many often said to be one of the…

World largest bronze image of Buddha in Todai-ji Temple, Nara (image credit: D.Tunas)

Can large wooden buildings only be built (ethically) in ancient time?

On a recent summer trip to Japan, me and my family visited the city of Nara. Located near Kyoto, Nara is one of several cities in Japan that boasts UNESCO…

A good insulation under the roof can assist to achieve a better thermal comfort (image credit: D.Tunas)

Roof Insulation For Tropical Homes

In tropical architecture one of the most important elements of a building is its roof. In the region which is characterized with strong sun radiation and high rainfall, the roof…


Building With Shipping Containers In The Tropics (Part 2)

In order  to provide another perspective to the already heated discussion about the ‘greenness’ of ISBU construction, let us now place it in the warm and humid climate of tropical…


Building With Shipping Containers In the Tropics (Part 1)

  by  jdnx    Shipping containers have been gaining popularity as building materials all around the world. They have been used to build temporary structure and also permanent structure. Generally speaking there…

Vetiver on the slopping land of a Balinese villa (image by D.Tunas for GAF)

Vetiver Grass : A Sustainable Option for Slope Protection and Many Others

Admittedly, some might regard an article about vetiver grass is a bit dated. A Google search would yield tremendous results from research papers, news articles, and suppliers list and so…