Bright Airy Space with Louvered Windows in Kedai Kebun cafe- Jogjakarta
(image credit: D.Tunas)

Green Snapshot from Jogjakarta: Bright Airy Space with Louvered Window Panels

We spotted this bright airy space inside the beautifully designed Kedai Kebun during our last visit to Jogjakarta. We just love that the building owners chose to use louvered windows….


[TED Video] Jessica Green: We’re covered in germs. Let’s design for that.

Not everything you see is what you get. Sometimes there are so much more than meet the eyes. Microbes are all around us and we need to consciously design to…

Bare feet on synthetic turf (image credit: A.Kelana)

Pondering Artificial Turf in Bandung: Contesting The (Ever)Green Turf on an Indonesian City Square

After some months of high anticipation the renovation project of Bandung city square finally came to completion. The renovation project was said to be funded by a consortium of property…

Different kind of bamboo

Bamboo Flooring: The Good and The Bad

The use of bamboo flooring is fast becoming one of the most preferred flooring materials used by floor users worldwide. This is because bamboo floors have a unique flavor of…

Villa: Dune House by Fearon Hay Architects (Completed Building) image courtest of WAF

World Architecture Festival 2014 – Day Two Award Winners Announced

World Architecture Festival has just announced the winners of 13 award categories on the second day of the event in Singapore. Completed Buildings: New and old: Rethinking the Split House…

House: The Olive Grove by Ian Moore Architects (Future Projects)

World Architecture Festival 2014 – Day One Awards Winners Announced

World Architecture Festival has just announced the winners of 16 award categories on the opening day of the event in Singapore. Day 1 winners as follow: Completed Buildings: House: House…


World Architecture Festival is back to Singapore in October 2014

The world’s largest architectural event is coming back to Singapore in less than a month. Hosted for one more time in the iconic Marina Bay Sands, the 7th World Architecture…

Jason Pomeroy of Founder of Pomeroy Studio, Eco-architect, Urban Planner, Academic

Q and A with Jason Pomeroy (Eco-architect, Urban Planner and City Time Traveller host)

The biggest challenge for the industry when it comes to sustainable design is being able to understand that it’s not what a sustainable building costs, but actually what it saves….

Decades old polpolan wall still stands strong in one Balinese village (image credit: Gede Kresna)

Polpolan- Balinese Earth Wall: A Sustainable Choice For Your Wall

With the raise of sustainability awareness, more people from different parts of the world start to adopt ways of life that is more sensible to the environment.  In the building…

Integrating bamboo in the resort design (image credit: Mal)

Q & A with Mallika Naguran: What is an Eco-resort really?

With the rise in environmental awareness, many people adopt a more responsible way of living. It changes the way people eat, commute, build and many other aspect in daily life….

A Simple Factory BuildingWAF2013

Two More Singapore Projects Won as WAF 2013 Announced its Day Two Winners

More winners were announced from WAF 2013 held in Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands. Two more projects from Singapore came out as winners under World’s Best Villa and World’s Best…

Leisure-Led Development - Singapore Sports Hub (Singapore), Singapore Sports Hub Design Team (DP Architects and Arup associates)

World Architecture Festival 2013 Day One Award Winners Announced

Singapore Sports Hub emerged as one of the winning projects in WAF 2013 as the festival announces their award winners.