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Another cool green solution from Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore. The designers utilzed recycled concrete to create a look out hill.
Gabion wall at Bishan Ang Mo Kio park, Singapore

Green Snapshot from Singapore: Recycled Concrete Gabion Wall by the River

Using recycled concrete to build gabion wall is a good way to utilize waste construction materials. In this Singapore case, the river seen in the picture used to be a…

Having top light or skylight to allow maximum penetration of natural day light

Green Snapshot from Bali: Top Light to Allow Maximum Natural Day Light

Going green does not always mean having lots of green plants around the house. Going green in this house in Bali is having no need to turn on lights during…

Planting creeper plants around the massive concrete pillars (image credit: D.Tunas)

Green Snapshot from Bangkok: Green Intervention under Elevated Road

Greening the space underneath elevated road in Bangkok city center. A simple intervention that makes the space that is other wise grim a little friendlier to the eyes and might…

Vetiver on the slopping land of a Balinese villa (image by D.Tunas for GAF)

Spot Some Interesting Easy Green Solutions? Share Your Picture in our new ‘GREEN SNAPSHOTS’ column

Being green can start in any level. Not everybody is privileged with time, resources and know hows to make a full blown green home or start a green lifestyle.

Easy green solutions are all around us. Sometimes they are made consciously and sometimes they are not.

We are excited to kick start ‘GREEN SNAPSHOTS’ column in our website so WE and YOU can share what you see that can inspire others to think a little greener.

Share with us your pictures and tell us why do you think it is a easy green solution. No lengthy explanation needed!

Bright Airy Space with Louvered Windows in Kedai Kebun cafe- Jogjakarta
(image credit: D.Tunas)

Green Snapshot from Jogjakarta: Bright Airy Space with Louvered Window Panels

We spotted this bright airy space inside the beautifully designed Kedai Kebun during our last visit to Jogjakarta. We just love that the building owners chose to use louvered windows….