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Waste water garden in Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay: A welcomed move towards sustainable tourism at the foot of Mount Batukaru

Our contributor, Dr. Devisari Tunas recently stayed in Bali Eco Stay in Indonesia. Bali Eco Stay is one of very few eco-lodges in the world which is awarded 5/5 eco rating by Eco Tropical Resorts. She shared her experience and her thoughts with

Rain garden in one sustainable building project in Singapore (image credit: D.Tunas)

Good Storm Water Management as an Integral Part of Sustainable Building

Construction activities contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emission.   Along with the rapid urbanization we have seen our cities to be progressively built up. Our built environment has created negative impact…

A private bio-pool. Bali (image credit: Ng Kok Hong)

A Water Dialogue With Ng Kok Hong: What We Need To Know About Bio-filtration System

Devisanthi Tunas from Green Asia Force (GAF) talked with Ng Kok Hong (NKH), a waterscape ecologist and a bio-filtration system specialist from AyerMatahari Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). GAF: You have designed…

Iconic Bangkok Siam Paragon's green wall by Patrick Blanc. (image credit: D.Tunas)

Greening Upright: Greening Our Homes and Cities Vertically

With the raised awareness of sustainability in building practices, vertical gardens gain a new currency. The vertical gardens are not only considered as aesthetically pleasing element but they can also increase a project’s green credibility

Khoo Teck Puat hospital with its roof garden. The hospital is one of the developments awarded with LEAF (image credit:D.Tunas)

Intensifying Singapore’s Green with LEAF

The impact of built environment has been long associated with detrimental effects on micro climate. Urban heat island effect to name among many often said to be one of the…

Rooftop greening in a Singapore's hospital

Tropical Drought-Tolerant Plants

A green landscaping is very much a part of the big picture in our effort to adopt a truly green building practice. Allocation of space for greeneries is crucial but…

Vetiver on the slopping land of a Balinese villa (image by D.Tunas for GAF)

Vetiver Grass : A Sustainable Option for Slope Protection and Many Others

Admittedly, some might regard an article about vetiver grass is a bit dated. A Google search would yield tremendous results from research papers, news articles, and suppliers list and so…

Recent flood in East Jakarta (image courtesy of C.Effendi)

The ‘Biopori’ Phenomenon: Self-Reliance in Indonesian Capital in the Face of Annual Flooding

Sumur biopori or biopori holes has been widely known in Indonesia for several years. Biopori holes was claimed to be able to minimize flooding, help channeling rainwater runoff back to…

Public playing area on Marina Barrage in Singapore, probably the biggest greenroof in the city (image by D.Tunas for GAF)

Green Roofing Our City: A Green Lesson from Rotterdam

In order to entice more inhabitants and visitors to the inner city, Rotterdam is in a quest to create pleasant living, working and recreating. The city planners recognized that an…

Image by D.Tunas for GAF

A River Runs Through It: A Sustainability Lesson from Singapore in Preventing Floods

One of the most common problems shared with many countries in the tropical region is flooding. Comes the monsoon season, many urban dwellers in the flood-prone regions anxiously await for…