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Inverted Roof

INVERTED ROOF: A roofing system for low inclination roof where waterproofing layer are placed below thermal insulation layer. The outer layer of the roofing is covered with concrete blocks or…

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Cross Laminated Timber

Cross laminated timber is a multiply and completely solid material made from wood. Three, five or seven plies which are glued together with the grain perpendicular to the previous layer….

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Mechanical (Active) Ventilation System

MECHANICAL (ACTIVE) VENTILATION SYSTEM: ventilation systems that use fans to draw fresh outside air into the building, the systems provide consistent air flow to interior spaces and can be designed…

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Radiant Cooling

RADIANT COOLING: Radiant cooling is done by embedding chilled water piping inside to concrete floor slab. Concrete floor slab will act as thermal mass which spread cooling throughout the floor…

Rapidly renewable building materials

Building materials that are made from rapidly renewable source. For example wool for carpets, cotton for insulation, agrifibers (e.g. wheat stalks for wood building materials), linoleum for counters and floors,…

Grid-Connected PV System

Onsite PV panels that are connected to the municipal electricity supply grid to allow feeding back excess energy to the grid to supplement its power. If the PV panels’ production…

Energy performance contracting

EPC is a turnkey service, sometimes compared to design/build construction contracting which provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable enery and distributed generation measures and often is…

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass: a term to describe the ability of building materials to store heat (thermal storage capacity). Installing thermal mass within the insulated building envelope helps reduce the extremes in…


Constructed building features commonly place over windows to provide shade from the sun in hot climates to reduce solar heat gain and associated air-conditioning needs.

Water-efficient buildings

Well designed buildings that use water efficiently to decrease waste while maintaining a high standard of performance.

Vegetative roof

Roof covering made of plants in a growing medium installed over a waterproof membrane that enable rainwater that falls on the roof to be retained by soil and plants.

Roof pond

Heating and cooling system that uses water on the roof as a thermal mass. Water is stored in large bladders or containers on the roof exposed to sunlight. Roof pond…