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Solar lamp with recycled mineral water bottle component (image credit: Azzura Solar)

Q and A with Hemant Chanrai (Founder of Azzura Solar and Bright Future Program)

Do you know that 66 million Indonesians live without basic access to electricity? Such condition severely impacting their life. Children are unable to read, write and study after the sun goes…

Torajanese woman artisan weaving (image credit: Toraja Melo)

Q and A with Dinny Jusuf (Founder of Toraja Melo, Eco-Fashion Activist)

Toraja Melo story is a motivating story of social entrepreneurship where two sisters work tirelessly to promote women economic development & cultural rejuvenation through green fashion. Toraja Melo seems to…

Jason Pomeroy of Founder of Pomeroy Studio, Eco-architect, Urban Planner, Academic

Q and A with Jason Pomeroy (Eco-architect, Urban Planner and City Time Traveller host)

The biggest challenge for the industry when it comes to sustainable design is being able to understand that it’s not what a sustainable building costs, but actually what it saves….

Integrating bamboo in the resort design (image credit: Mal)

Q & A with Mallika Naguran: What is an Eco-resort really?

With the rise in environmental awareness, many people adopt a more responsible way of living. It changes the way people eat, commute, build and many other aspect in daily life….

A private bio-pool. Bali (image credit: Ng Kok Hong)

A Water Dialogue With Ng Kok Hong: What We Need To Know About Bio-filtration System

Devisanthi Tunas from Green Asia Force (GAF) talked with Ng Kok Hong (NKH), a waterscape ecologist and a bio-filtration system specialist from AyerMatahari Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). GAF: You have designed…


Q and A with Fr. Andang Binawan, ‘Father of Waste’, initiator of Pan-tik-foam movement, green activist.

Father Andang Binawan, a Jesuit priest, is currently serving as one of Jakarta Bishop’s episcopal vicars. He is a well-known figure among the Catholic community for his works for the…


Q & A with Ms. Nadine Zamira, founder of LeafPlus and campaign manager of HiddenPark Indonesia

GAF:  Hi Nadine, it is always very heartwarming to see individuals who make a conscious choice to care about their environment. Can you tell us more about LeafPlus, the green…


Q & A with Ms. Naning Adiwoso (Chairperson of Green Building Council Indonesia)

Q: Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) has been around since  2009, how has the council fared so far? What are the challenges GBCI facing? A: The last 3 years it…


Q&A with Elisa Sutanudjaja (Program Director of Rujak Center for Urban Studies)

Q:What is sustainable design for you? A:For me, sustainable design is the idea and philosophy of designing built environments that compliment and understanding the nature with humanistic approach Q:You teach…