Bamboo Flooring: The Good and The Bad

The use of bamboo flooring is fast becoming one of the most preferred flooring materials used by floor users worldwide. This is because bamboo floors have a unique flavor of their own. Bamboo flooring is also becoming relatively popular these days because that have an attractive pattern that is always formed by the slightly dark bands at the nodes of the bamboo which makes it more appealing to floor users. Most bamboo flooring suppliers will advise you to make use of bamboo flooring because it is one of the best options available. However, before you make that decision to use bamboo flooring, you must first carry out an analysis and then get the pros and cons of using bamboo flooring.

Laminated bamboo flooring (photo credit: Sahabat Bambu)

Laminated bamboo flooring (photo credit: Sahabat Bambu)


There are many advantages of using bamboo flooring. Some of them are listed below.

  • It is hard and durable: One of the advantages of using bamboo floorings is that bamboos are very hard and strong. The hollow inside bamboo is even stronger than any hardwood available today. Apart from its hard surface, bamboo is a stable material which means less contraction and expansion when treated properly.
  • It is a moisture resistant: Another factor that makes bamboo flooring a preferred choice over other types of flooring is that the floor is highly resistant. Bamboo floors are highly resistant to damp situations and so they can be the best in humid weathers. The floors are able to resist spills and this makes this type of floors highly preferred especially in kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.It is important to note however resistance to spill does not mean that the floor is water-proved. Any spills have to be wipe dry promptly.
  • The floor is environmentally friendly: Another advantage that bamboo flooring has over all other flooring options is that bamboo floors are eco-friendly. Unlike hardwoods flooring that is originated from chopped down trees, bamboo floors are obtained from bamboo plants that always have their roots on the ground whenever they are being cut down. This means that the more you cut bamboo trees, the more they continue to grow because their roots are not always uprooted. Bamboo floors also have positive environmental impacts.
  • It is easy to clean: One very good element that makes bamboo flooring stand out against all other forms of floors is that it is very easy to clean. All it takes to clean bamboo floors is just a daily sweep and maybe mopping once in a week.
  • You have a lot of options to choose from: Bamboo floors are also very good in the sense that you have a lot of options to choose from. There are lots of bamboos flooring size and species available in the market today and you can choose anyone of them if you are opting for bamboo floors.
  • Bamboo floors are cheap: Another advantage that bamboo floors have is that they come at a relatively cheap price. The products are fast growing and so they are available in large quantity and at a fair price too when compared with other flooring options. However it is important to note that depending on size and species, bamboo flooring can be cost more than hardwood flooring.

There are also other advantages of using bamboo floors and you may not get to discover them until you use these floors. However, there are also some disadvantages and some of them are discussed below:


  • It becomes soft when heated: One of the disadvantages of installing bamboo floors is that it is usually softer when it has become heated. According to reports from people who have used bamboo floors, it has been noted that bamboo floors are not as strong and that the degree of their softness is always high especially when they are heated.
  • The floor is not as hard as thought: Another disadvantage that using bamboo flooring has is that it is more fragile when compared with hardwood. This has been confirmed from reports and complains from various people who use this type of floors.
  • It can wear easily: Another downside that the use of bamboo floors have is that they wear and tear easily. Because of the textures of bamboo, they can easily be dented and scratched.

Though every individual is left with a choice when faced with flooring options, it is advised that before you choose any type of flooring, you should study the Pros and Cons of each flooring options and then choose an option that you consider to be the best. There are many type of bamboo flooring available in the market and they are not created equal so do your research and ask around before making a decision.


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