About us

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GREEN ASIA FORCE is conceived as an informative website to educate home-owners, building professionals, students who are interested in building green in tropical context. The world’s tropical zone consists of a large area of South East Asia, India, Africa and some parts of North and South America. Our warm and humid climates make the environment where we live in unique. While we can learn from experiences of countries that have embraced green building practices long before us, we need to understand that different geographical and climatic context pose different challenges.

Building in a green manner is not always about building with state-of-the-art hi-tech equipment. In the South East Asian tropical zone in particular which consists of mostly developing countries where green awareness has not gone mainstream, the quest of sustainability which includes among others building green has to be approached in an accessible manner. GREEN ASIA FORCE believes that green building is about balance between cost and energy efficiency in order to achieve high performing buildings that give comfort to the inhabitants without resulting harm to the environments at any time.

GREEN ASIA FORCE believes in the virtues of local building wisdoms that have been passed through generations. Every countries have their own bioclimatic architecture tradition that has been tried and tested through centuries. We live however in a modern world where living in a mud hut in the middle of urban jungle is not a very practical solution, so we need to find a way to adapt those wisdoms to suit our modern lifestyle and to meet our necessities.

GREEN ASIA FORCE believes that we need to do one little step at a time within our capability to take care of our environment.